October 21, 2021

Forward Advances Partners with EmpowerRD

EmpowerRD logo and Forward Advances logo

We’re excited to announce our partnership with industry-leading R&D tax credit specialists, EmpowerRD.

EmpowerRD uses advanced technology to deliver a radically improved R&D claims service at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers, saving customers time and money. They’ve helped high-growth companies process over £100million of claims with a 100% success rate.

R&D tax credits are a powerful source of non-dilutive funding for UK startups, however, it’s estimated 60% of eligible companies aren’t claiming - either due to lack of awareness or incorrectly assuming they wouldn’t qualify.

The partnership with EmpowerRD broadens our product offering and aims to provide our customer bases with the knowledge and access to available non-dilutive funding options to help SMEs grow.

Harinder Sandhu, Founder and CEO, EmpowerRD commented:

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Forward Advances. Their revenue-based financing very much complements R&D tax credits, opening up new growth prospects for innovative businesses like our customers. We strongly advocate for a blended approach to funding, and dedicate time to educating our customers about alternative funding sources. Being able to connect our customers with Forward Advances is a valuable addition to the services we offer. We know Forward Partners well as one of our earliest investors and are really pleased to further deepen our relationship.

Some words from Hasam Silva, our CEO:

“Partnering with EmpowerRD is a no-brainer for us. We knew them well through Forward Partners and their mission is closely aligned to ours - using innovative technology to make it easy to access complex funding. Lots of our customers are investing in innovative projects, so to be able to offer them a new service that will help serve their funding needs adds another string to our bow and improves our product offering through partnerships.”

At Forward Advances, we make growth financing simple, flexible and human. Click here to see how much we could advance you.

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