June 2, 2022

4 ways to grow using SMS marketing

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In this week’s Edit, we delve into how leading brands are leveraging SMS marketing to build personalised relationships and rapidly grow their customer base.  

We’re talking about going beyond simple promotions. And properly connecting with customers by being fun and engaging. Plus ways to get around those pesky iOS updates.  

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The secret to SMS marketing success

Are you ready to take consumer marketing to the next level?

Enter: SMS marketing.

Instead of simple promo emails with great new offers, we’re talking targeted campaigns. Two-way conversations. Providing valuable free guidance and rewarding loyalty.

While email marketing is effective, the recent Apple iOS updates have seen open rates drop off a cliff. And let’s face it - not everyone regularly checks their email and certainly not their ‘junk’ folders. So there really is no better time to go down the SMS route.

The best bit? Because we spend 3.5 hours a day on our phones, SMS has high open, and click-through rates - upward of 90% opens and 35% clicks (compared to 20% open rates and 2.5% clicks with email). It’s affordable. Plus, you can track attribution and reduce cart abandonment.

But don’t take our word for it; delve into SMS marketing best practices, statistics, trends, and live examples here.

Inspired? See how you can put this thinking into action with our top tactics today 👇


Apply these tactics today.

Here are our top takeouts to apply to your business.

🎓 Provide pro tips for using your products

Whether your product is a plant subscription or a make-up brush, your customer had a need for it. So help them ‌solve that problem with educational content. Videos work brilliantly here. You can physically demonstrate how to get the most out of your product. This helps reduce returns, increases satisfaction, and encourages word-of-mouth. Take Leaf Envy for example, providing 1-2-1 seasonal care tips and answering plant care questions - all through their SMS club.

🥧 Make it easy to reorder

Amazon has been making it easy to reorder for some time. A click of a button saves a lot of time. The result: less friction means we are more likely to buy again. But when we apply this to SMS, you can go one step further. How about texting customers when they may be running low with a link to reorder? These messages are helpful - not pushy like some promo texts. Plus, they are less likely to be ignored since we know they have a need for the product.

🎁 Send personalised product recommendations

The easy way in here is automation. You can make personal recommendations for products customers may also like, based on a recent purchase. And they’re proven to increase sales by 20%. In fact, businesses that don’t personalise see opt-outs increase. No one wants to receive irrelevant messages. If you’re starting with the basics, you can ask customers to choose the types of comms they want to receive based on their topics of interest.

💎 Start 1:1 conversations

Ready to go one step further? Founders are boosting loyalty by providing live chat through SMS. Here, customers can ask questions about products - for example, “can you send me a picture of it in-store?” Sometimes just a little nudge is all that’s needed to complete a purchase. Human interaction and rapport building goes a long way to boosting a connection and repeat purchases. Obviously, you need to have the bandwidth - taking hours to reply is a major turn-off!

👉 To sum up: SMS is a great tool to engage with your customers to encourage purchases. But the true wins are in building personal relationships with your customers and making it easy to use and re-purchase your products.

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