A new way to fund your online business.

Friendly, flexible funding for marketing and inventory, from £10k to £1m. A trusted community of founders. And the expertise of a specialist VC growth studio to help you scale.

"Our monthly sales grew 33% after working with Forward Advances.”
Nick and Jo - Bedfolk


Funding at the speed of growth.

See how much you could borrow in 5 minutes.

Fill in our quick form to get an indication of how much you could borrow.

No paperwork, simply connect your accounts.

We integrate with Shopify, Google and your bank to make applying easy.

Funding that works to your timeline.

A fast-moving, friendly team and a simple dashboard to manage your account and payments.

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Don’t let CAPITAL hold back your growth.

Banks don’t care about your business or your ambition to scale your digital marketing, reach new audiences and grow.

We do.

When you receive an advance from Forward, we consider it the start of a partnership. One that ties our success directly to yours. That's why your dedicated account manager will always be just a phone call away.

Funding that’s more flexible.

Fixed bank loans hold you back from investing in opportunities. Our advances are paid back as a small part of your revenue so you can grow with confidence.

  • Low sales month? Low repayment.

Funding that’s fair.

An advance is a simple, straightforward way to fund growth.

  • Arrange with a one-off fee, agreed up-front.
  • No personal guarantees or loss of equity.
  • No late fees or penalties.

Funding that’s more supportive.

Our friendly team is here to help, offering proper human support and expert advice as you grow your business.

  • Get regular account manager check-ins.
  • Get access to our not-for-profit venture studio.


Connected & clever.

Manage your account from a dashboard synced with your banking, eCommerce and paid marketing accounts.

Access growth specialists.

Leverage our in-house growth experts to gain valuable insights and strategies to help take your business to the next level.

Priority support for all.

Not just technology, our friendly team is here to help.

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Forward Advances Dashboard

Rated 5 stars by our customers.

Highly recommend Forward Advances!

Working with Forward Advances has been a game-changer. Their personal, forward thinking approach to revenue finance has allowed our e-commerce business to continue its growth, without us having to worry about giving away a piece of the pie.

Find the perfect fit for your business.

Founders typically have two ways to fund business growth. Raising equity or getting a bank loan. They can be valuable options but you have to trade off giving up a piece of your company or giving a personal guarantee. Advances is a new way to fund growth that provides easy access and more flexibility than ever before.


Time to funding



Value added services

Forward Advances


One fixed fee

Time to funding






Value added services


Bank loan



Time to funding






Value added services


Venture capital



Time to funding






Value added services

Yes (ish)


100% sales growth.

43% increase in new customers.

No equity sacrificed.

We brought capital and expertise together for Bedfolk, working with them to grow their business faster. Hear how we've helped them to offer ridiculously comfy bedding to more customers than ever before.


How it works.

Our advances help you grow your digital marketing and unlock cashflow for inventory. You pay us back through a revenue-share, so we only make money if you do.

1. Get an instant revenue boost.

Use funding to increase marketing spend on activities that can immediately increase sales.

Without us
Revenue graph indicating revenue potential with Forward Partners - 66% With us / 34 '% Without us.
With us
Hand drawn arrow pointing to rightPound sign
Legend showing empty graph
Revenue funded through cashflow.
Legend showing full graph
Your business' revenue potential.

2. Meet demand in peak periods.

Seize the opportunity. Make the most of endorsements and seasonal peaks by investing in marketing & inventory when you need it most.

Pound signHand drawn arrow pointing to up
Empty graphFull graph
Empty graphFull graph
Empty graphFull graph
Yesss. Your business, reaching its potential.
Legend showing empty graph
Legend showing full graph

3. No more sleepless nights.

No more fixed repayment stress. Our advances are paid back as a percentage of revenue. Low month? Low payments.

A great month
graph showing cashflow of great month
graph showing cashflow of great month
A good month
graph showing cashflow of good month.
graph showing cashflow of good month.
... *and* breathe.
Hand drawn arrow pointing to rightPound sign
Legend showing full graph
Your revenue
Legend showing empty graph
Your repayments

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